It's So Dark And I'm Drunk

by Ooni

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released January 1, 2016



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Ooni Austin, Texas

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Track Name: After All This Time
Try your best to act indifferent
Only liars feign their interest
I cannot tell anymore
I cannot tell anymore

Colors and light acting static
Beauty and noise have no difference
I cannot tell anymore
I cannot tell anymore
Track Name: Most Of The Time I Can't Even Pay Attention
There's a guilt within my head that
Takes away the things I said and
Looks at me with eyes too loud

It sends a movement through my spine that
Hides away her pretty eyes and
Just wont let me work it out

But now I think it's too late
There's something else coming
Confusing the fear with anger
That knows me too well

There's solace in company
It's hiding in empathy
Confusing what love I have for
Something I deserve

There's a sudden change around
That reminds me that I'm lucky
To be able to forget

There's a few friends that I keep that
Hold with them something I need
I let it walk away at first

But now I think it's coming
But I don't think I'm ready
It's a scary choice to
Fight or embrace it
Track Name: Faster Won't Really Change Things
Lazy days through summer time
Losing track of what I want
War keeps tugging at my sleeve
Make friends with old anxieties
I walk around my dying town
Where once I hoped to shape the ground
But now I see the frailty
In everything

I still dream of moving faster than I do
I still wish I could talk to you
Like I still had a reason to

Sleeping in till don't know when
Burning bridges in a haze
I'm having trouble saving face, there's
No mistaking what I meant
I know she keeps me on my feet
But I still fear a tragedy
Will come to take me far away
From what I need

I still wish that I had something left to fight
Some hidden knot left to unwind
To make sense of what's in my mind
But now I don't know why
No, now I don't know why
I'm just so god damn tired and I
Still wish that we had some time
Track Name: The Sound
It knows what I need
And hides its odd face through emotion that I've
Kept close to me
Nobody knows of the demon I see
Now all of my senses belong to the sun
No, I have no say anymore
So it tries to lure me in with what I want
But I'm far too old

I wanna hide you
I wanna show you off
I know it has me
But please show some mercy
I don't wanna wrong anymore

I trusted the sound
As long as it kept both my feet on the ground
But it showed me a truth
That I never asked for
I am digging a grave, I am spending your time
Like it's not even mine anymore
So yeah, I don't care if you do what you want
But ask if it hurts when I need you

I want to touch you
I want to slow you down
I know you have me
But I hope you know me
Enough so that you understand
Track Name: You Are
Be good, be kind
Don't ever change what you are
Don't rip that glow from your voice and don't
Tear our country apart

You know you are the only one
You are the only one
You are the only one tonight

I'm not asking
For forgiveness of any kind
I just want you to hear me out
I want you to know what I'm all about
I know I'm not
The best singer this side of town
There are things that I am and things that I'm not
But I know that I want you and want you to know that you are

The only one
You are the only one
You are the only one tonight

Be good, be mine
And take whatever you want
Just please don't leave me too dry and please
Don't be too unkind
I know I'm not
The greatest person to love
I'm crowded, confusing
I'm sad and depressing
I'm mad and controlling
But please keep in mind that you are

The only one
You are the only one
You are the only one
You are the only one tonight
Track Name: An Old Stranger I Know
I was young once and I can't do it again
I will die and I will not see it coming
I may love you forever or I may forget
You may leave me as long as you come back again

I will promise you life in a world full of sin
I may dismiss what's sacred and scar my own skin
I may pray to a god that I don't believe in
But it will be out of fear that I'm wrong once again

If you have something to say, just let it all out
I don't know for how long I'll be hanging around

Cuz my mind doesn't stay still at all
And my heart has been riddled with loss
My own veins wont pump blood anymore
I am lost in a stranger I know

I am made up of oil, I am fossil fuel waste
I am built up of demons I can't put to rest
I am guilty and free, I have asked for my death
I don't know how to say that I'm thankful for this

I'm incapable of staying sober for long
I can't say I love you without losing my voice
I'm a product build up from the products I love
I am empty but ready for more

If I'm nothing to you, if I'm wasting my time
Give me now and give me something better to find

Cuz I'm done looking for a way out
I have seen hope in what I have found
And it took me a while to do
But I've given it all up to you

Time after time, I've wasted my years
Wasted my fire, and wasted my tears
But I'm working to try and change my old ways
I am better now than I was in the good days

And I'm sorry for what I may have done to you
I know I have damaged some things for the truth
But I would never have made it this far without you
Without you, I'm nothing without you

I have broken a promise to make it again
I fought my own war with the heart in my chest
All the hate that I had may have been put to rest
I may still have time but I have run out of breath